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Horticulture under KORA


The Horticulture Committee, working in cooperation with Kendal's Grounds Division, seeks to enhance the natural beauty of the Kendal campus and to promote good stewardship of the environment by educating the community through publications and presentations; by planning and caring for plantings in the Care Center Courtyard, Center Island, the Buttonbush Bridge area, and other parts of the campus; by assisting residents in their cottage gardens and planting plans; by maintaining year-around displays of plants and cut-flower arrangements in interior public areas; by sponsoring an annual sale of plants and garden seedlings; and by overseeing a dedicated space for plant propagation and a community garden open to all.

Sub Organizations

Arboretum Committee
Flower Arrangement
Plant Care


Chair: Melissa Reed
KORA Liaison: Ed Long
Tech Support: Vera Cooke

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